Solome Katongole – The UG Diaspora 2013 Collection – What to Expect!

 Solome Katongole – The UG Diaspora 2013 Collection – What to Expect!

Solome Katongole is a Ugandan born fashion designer with an American culture influenced up bringing. Solome is a Biologist by training; her past endeavors have included obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and working for a pharmaceutical company, Cephalon. This experience culminated in her striving for a greater challenge  and passion thus becoming a Fashion Designer.

In early 2008 she acquired an internship in London with Yemi Osunkoya of the Kosibah label for 5 months. Upon her return to the U.S she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles to further her knowledge and education in fashion. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in 2009.

Her talents continued to blossom and grew to the creation of her own self-name label. Her label specializes in ready to wear, and customized women’s clothing. Solome’s mission is to create and make high quality garments using unique and exquisite fabrics. She merges traditional and western styles to create modernized garments.

Her main source for inspiration is color, nature and the 50s genre. With the success of the label she has begun to transform the canvas of fashion. Participating in major fashion shows including Africa Fashion Week New York 2010, Boston Fashion Week 2010, Fashion Expose, Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week 2011, Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012, and Ankara Fest Los Angeles 2013.

Collection to see at UG Diaspora 2013

The collection is called “LADY” I love bright colors; expect to see lots of bright and bold pieces. I am inspired by the 50’s genre, so you’re going to see figure flattering, full skirts, and mid-calf looks. The silhouettes are going to be sexy and Body hugging. This show is going to be effortless chic and glam.

Contact Information

Phone: US +1-410.300.3532
Facebook Fan Page:

Where to Shop
Boutique: BOLD, Shop #29, 1st Floor, Krsna Mart, Kisementi, Kampala, Uganda

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