The return of Nyege Nyege 2023

 The return of Nyege Nyege 2023

The eighth Nyege Nyege edition returns to rock Jinja city as dates for when it will take place are no longer a secret.

November 9-12, 2023, Nyege Nyege provides a retreat for revelers on the shores of the Nile.   

Per the organisers, the eighth edition of Nyege Nyege, provides a unique opportunity to local artists and broadly the music industry as a whole to showcase different talents.

The convener of the annual hyped revelers’ Talent Africa, they are contemplating an extravaganza featuring more than five stages where one of the stages will be reserved for upcoming local talents mainly from Jinja and Busoga region.

The chief executive officer Talent Africa, Aly Alibhai, dedicated a stage to the upcoming talents aimed at encouraging homegrown talents to breakthrough.

The Busoga Kingdom tourism minister, Hellen Namutamba, Nyege Nyege has not only emerged as a dynamic avenue propelling talents to limelight, but it brings money making opportunities for the people in the kingdom.

She adds that Nyege Nyege is an outstanding opportunity for tourism to grow in the kingdom since it brings in many people.

“The musicians of Jinja and the kingdom have experienced the ripple effects of the festival through enhanced networking opportunities and captivating performances.

This inspired the conception of the Busoga stage, a splendid platform for Basoga artistes, cultural dancers, and troupes to mesmerise the world with their artistic finesse and cultural richness, Namutamba said.

Namutamba told a press conference in Jinja on Tuesday (August 22, 2023) that Busoga stage goes beyond music, but embraces a wide spectrum of creativity.

“Attendees will be enthralled by a showcase of paintings, diverse artworks, and exquisite woodwork, all intricately woven to promote the region’s cultural treasures,” she said.

“With internationally acclaimed media houses present at the festival, these local talents will transcend boundaries, garnering global attention and recognition,” Jinja city mayor Peter Kasolo said in a rejoinder.

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